Rise of the Runelords for Boilerhouse

Synopsis Session #2

After defeating the two skeletons in the crypt, the adventurers made their way back to the Rusty Dragon for a hearty congratulatory meal. They were served by the halfling waitress Bethana Corwin, who was eager to impress Aldern Foxglove in the hopes becoming a servant of his. After the group put in a good word for her, Aldern considered Bethana for employment.

The peaceful meal was disturbed by the sudden arrival of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and his security detail. Lonjiku demanded that his daughter, Ameiko, relocate with him to Magnimar, the big city to the south. Ameiko refused and tension ran high. Luckily, quick thinking by Maynard stopped the situation from becoming violent. Afterwards, Ameiko explained that her father disliked both her and her brother. Her because she forsook the noble life to run the inn. Her brother because he is a bastard half-elf, the offspring of their mother and an unknown elf. Her brother has been missing for several years after she and him had a falling out.

The next day, Aldern Foxglove wanted to take Bethana on a boar hunt on the northern forest as an audition for employment. The group agreed to come along to ensure it all went smoothly, but had to hide the killing part from their Druid.

Foxglove bought the group mounts from the stablemaster David Hosk. David was an avid goblin hunter and was super keen to meet the heroes of Sandpoint. He showed them his gruesome collection of goblin ears. Each party member chose their steed and the hunt begun!

A few miles out of the town, the road forked, with the goblin tracks from the other day leading in one direction, and the boar tracks leading in the other. Suddenly, from the goblin path, an Elven Ranger named Shalelu appeared, warning the group of an Orc tribe camped further up that path. Our Druid realised that Shalelu also possessed his gift for seeing creatures’ true names. Thus, he divulged his true name: Ka Fraum.

Not wanting to fight an orc tribe, the group went to find this boar. Once found, the group accidentally proceeded to kill it in the most excruciatingly slow way possible. It was kinda demoralising. But at least they had delicious boar to cook for dinner!

When they got back, Bethana cooked up the boar by herself as Ameiko was out. The group demanded that Foxglove procure them puppies in recompense for their stressful boar hunting. All was going well until a distressed citizen named Emily Barrett ran into the Rusty Dragon with her two children, 10 year-old Aeren and infant Verah. She explained that Aeren had been saying there was a goblin in his closet for the last couple of nights. Emily’s husband, Alergast, had checked his closet and concluded that he was just imagining things. That is, until tonight. Aeren started screaming and the couple awoke to see a goblin chewing on his arm. Upon discovery, the goblin ran into a hole at the back of the closet and Alergast gave chase. Terrified, Emily grabbed her children and ran to seek out the best goblin killers she could think of, the heroes of Sandpoint.

The heroes arrived at the Barret Household to find the door open and the only light to be from a candle in the children’s room. Upon inspection of the room, the group found the sliced-up corpse of the family dog, killed by the goblin. More alarmingly, Alergast was slumped with his head in the hole in the closet. Durma, Lunk and Maynard went to remove Alergast, but were attacked by the goblin. The battle was quick and decisive, with the goblin crushed by a single blow. Alergast was in a critical condition, however, and the group rushed him to Hannah’s medical ward.

The ward was closed, and Hannah had taken too strong a sleeping potion to be woken. Luckily, Iarielle used to cunning rogue skills to unlock the infirmary and wake Hannah. Alergast was healed, albeit disfigured, and Emily was grateful to the heroes. Poor young Aeren had his shock treated withh puppies and has been inspired by the efforts of the heroes.

Finally the heroes deserved a good night’s sleep. It was only a brief solace, however. The next morning the group woke to find that Ameiko had still not returned. Bethana went to her room and discovered a note to Ameiko from her half-elf half brother, Tsuto. The note instructed her come to the Kaijitsu Sandpoint Glassworks, where she clearly has not returned from.

Now, the heroes are gearing up to investigate the Glassworks and find Ameiko.


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