Rise of the Runelords for Boilerhouse

Synopsis Session #1


Our heroes were enjoying the Swallowtail festival when their enjoyment was halted by a goblin raid. Father Zantus helped by providing healing to those in need. During the battle, our Druid befriended a wounded dog who has now become his companion. After fighting off the goblins, the group was thanked by Aldern Foxglove, who offered to pay for their accommodation at The Rusty Dragon.

At The Rusty Dragon, the group met Ameiko Kaijitsu, the hardy owner of the inn. Here, the group decided to name the Druid. His new name is Ruff.

The next day, the sheriff Belor Hemlock instructed the group to meet him at the cathedral at midday. In the mean time, Brother Maynard and Danforth went to The Hagfish and took up Jaggie’s challenge of drinking hagfish water. Ruff discovered tracks of goblins and a human. Lunk learned more about the Kaijitsu family.

At the cathedral, Zantus told the group that the tomb of the fathers had been desecrated. The bumbling gravekeeper, Naffer Vost, recognised Danforth and was possessed by an unseen force. After being subdued, Zantus gave Alchemi a holy relic of Desna, a butterfly wand. The heroes fought of the skeletons and their magic robe. They then discovered that the former religious leader of Sandpoint Ezakien Tobyn’s body was missing from his sarcophagus.

It seems the goblin raid was all a diversion… But why?


liamf_p_tran liamf_p_tran

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