Rise of the Runelords for Boilerhouse

Synopsis Session #5
Journal of Brother Maynard

Iarielle arrived as we were resting, thinking we were dead, until she made a
perception check and realized that we were just asleep. She had finished helping
the lock smith and had come to find us, instead finding a trail of bodies and
followed them until she got to the Cathedral.
We left and followed the corridor to another room, it had a red door and was
glowing with magic, opening the doors revealed a plush padded room, perfect for
resting… hindsight is a wonderful thing…
Everything in the room that wasn’t nailed down however, was floating… some
moldy food, several bottles of wine, paperwork and other items. I entered the
and immediately started floating too, instead of being worried, I mealy grabbed
the bottle and had a drink in zero gravity. Lunk grabbed the maggots eating the
moldy food and fead his badger with them. Danforth found a book on Alko (I
mean the man is blind, how is he going to use a book? Perhaps Shiva can help
him again) There was also another butterfly want floating in the room, Alchimy
grabbed that one, but it was not as powerful as the one already in his possession so he merely bagged it for now. We didn’t stay in the room long, as we still did not
know exactly where we were in relation to the town, so we continued on and
came across another cleansing pool, this time I suggested that perhaps we
wouldn’t need to use an entire bottle of holy water to purify it, Derma pored 6
drops into the pool and that was enough to clear it of its taint! (good to know)
Another stair case that lead up and down was found, the downward passage was
sealed shut with rubble as was the stairs leading up, but there was a small gap
and we could see light out the other end so we worked as a team to clear the
rubble, leaving the crypts we found ourselves standing in the graveyard to the
side of the Cathedral. We were greeted by the voice of Sha le loo, who was
surprised to find us there, she lead us into the Cathedral telling us that it had
been attacked again, the doors had been blown off and Father Zantis was
missing! We headed for the Rusty Dragon Inn and met with Kendra Devorin (the
town mayor) We decide to attack the Goblin encampment on Thistle top the
following day, but before we go to bed for the night we each run our own
errands. I wandered the streets and wound up at the docks, witnessing a small
boat sailing into the distance I reflected on everything that had happened since I
arrived here in Sandpoint!
The Following Morning
(GM’S NOTE: Fraum, Durma, and Iarielle went to try get a good price for their fake emeralds from the black market. They found the black market, but things didn’t go their way. Embarassed and humiliated, the trio left the shady establishment, lucky to still have their finger.)
Lunk, Alchimy and I headed to Hannas to buy healing potions, I purchased 10
healing potions as well as 3 Healing Kits for a total of 80 gold pieces (saving us
35 gold by purchasing it in one go instead of 3 separate transactions) gifting the
items to my friends. Shiva gave us a warning of the possible dangers awaiting us
at the mountains and we decide its best to get there as quickly as possible so we
go to get horses once more from David Hosk at the Squashed Goblin Stables.
Apparently Derma thought it would be a good idea to try and use one of the fake
Gems to buy herself the horse she had previously used, Lunk issued her a
warning in Goblin, forgetting that David also speaks Goblin, to which he
responded by banning Derma from his store! (nice try Derma)
Shiva pays for Dermas mount and we all ride towards Thistle top.
As we reached the woods we hear in the distance a flute being played, the gentle
but forced notes carried on the breeze. A doe appears in the path ahead and we
followed it to a clearing, where we came upon a Satyr, Norith ‘the Keeper of the
Forrest’. With him was a large Ape as well as the Doe, he appears to be afflicted
with a disease that Iarielle is familiar with? He explained that he is not long for
this world and presented Fraum with a special seed ‘the blessing of the forrest’.
Lunk decides to go and wait at the horses with Sha le loo while Shiva attempted
to grant Noriths final wish, by using his ceremonial wooden steak to pierce his
heart and release him from his torment. However his strike isn’t powerful
enough so Derma takes over and hammers it into his heart. Danforth, sensing
something isn’t right grapples the body as it begins to convulse while something
started oozing from his eyes and mouth, he looks to be possessed, and as he is
now dead his body is now under the full control of the demon!
The Body of Norith breaks free of the grapple and rushes towards Fraum who is
holding the seed, it would appear that it is after the power of the seed for itself!

Shiva thinks quickly and uses a floating disk to raise Fraum off the ground and
out of the Satyr’s way. I charged around the side of the Satyr and punched the
wooden barb further into the beasts chest but it ignored the attack, one
mindedly going for the seed still! Iarielle’s arrow and Danforth’s grapple both
missed however, Derma managed to trip it up, but not before it had grabbed the
seed off Fraum! It landed hard on its back but while on the ground it cast
entangle which caught me and Danforth off guard (the man is blind after all and I
was standing directly beside the beast, no way to avoid getting ensnared) I had
an attack of opportunity and again forced the barb further into the heart of the
beast as it reared its head in a soundless scream! Suddenly it raised with the
ground as it shot 10ft upwards with the dirt and grass in a pillar. Lunk entered
the clearing charging towards the raising Satyr leaping and climbing up the pillar
at the same time swinging his new masterwork axe as the beast leapt again from
the pillar and towards the trees at the end of the clearing. Landing in 2 pieces,
split across the waistline and showering me in blood and guts! (A truly mighty
blow from Lunk) Fraum was once more presented with the seed and Derma took
the wooden steak.
We left the clearing, Fraum cast water on me and I cleaned off the entrails as we
rode further into the forest. Getting closer to the crossroads Sha le loo told us to
dismount and that she could see tents up ahead. We left the horses hidden in a
clearing off the main road and hard to find and snuck forward. We could tell that
the camp belonged to Orks but there were none in sight! A plan was quickly
formulated, Derma would enter the camp by her self to ascertain, what clan they
were, and why they were here! All the while we would flank her and offer
protection and a surprise attack if need be!
As Derma entered the camp however it was apparent that all of the adult Orks
were gone, perhaps hunting? All that was left were the child Orks. We all hurried
through the camp (and not a moment too soon, for as soon as we rounded the
bend we heard the sounds of the adult Orks returning. Arriving at the base of
Thistle top we prepared to greet the Goblins…!

Synopsis Session #4
Journal of Brother Maynard

We left the dungeon and followed some stars downwards passing what was
clearly a torture chamber, in here we found a jar with eyes and the body of the
man who had earlier attempted to attack Danforth in the Cathedral… somehow
this is all connected but right now all I have is more questions!
We found some stairs leading upwards and heard noises of the undead,
preparing for battle we entered the next room! 6 Zombies in cages lined the
walls of this room and at the end was a massive Goblin, sleeping.
Before a single word was said Derma rushed towards the beast to attack it but
hadn’t even made it half way before the zombies started banging on their cages,
alerting the Goblin to our presence. Just as it stands to its feet Derma lands the
first blow striking it in the face it recoils and then throws up a corrosive
substance into Dermas face, she is blinded and swinging wildly while getting
beaten by zombies on all sides.
The Goblin has 3 arms but is disorientated by the blow that Derma landed, the
rest of us rushed forward but the Zombies started breaking free of their cages
and I was grappled, as was Derma, Ruff and Fraum! Lunk used his hand axe to
cleave the head off a zombie and it went flying through the air but then Alchimy
raised his butterfly wand aloft and dealt massive amounts of damage to all
enemies in the room, 3 times he did this dealing 36, 24, 40 points of damage
respectively! Quite an impressive attack, resulting in the death of 3 zombies!
Lunk hacked the third arm off the Goblin and together with Derma killed it! Upon
its death it shrunk back down to a normal Goblin size, and a rush of air left the
room and a whisper was heard to say something in Alko, which Danforth
translated to “return to me”. At the end of the battle Lunk retrieved a rusty axe
that the large Goblin had been using, later revealed to be a rare masterwork axe
with +(enter number here) properties…
We followed the direction the voice came from and came across a Cathedral, out
the front there was a statue with a small font of water in it, Alchimy warned us
not to touch the water and then emptied a bottle of holy water into it and it
hissed popped and boiled dry! Clearly there is evil down here and it has
corrupted some of these statues! The cathedral was easily as big as the new one

in Sandpoint! Derma entered the room to investigate and was suddenly pulled
forward by an invisible force and into a well in the middle of the room. A Massive
Winged she demon appeared, with 2 huge sinspawn by her side at the end of the
room! It used a knife to cut its hand and drip some blood into another well at the
front of the cathedral that hissed and turned completely red! As Derma struggled
in the well one of the Sinspawn attacked her and I countered it with a Stunning
blow to its arm, dislocating its shoulder and forcing it to drop its weapon and
disorient it for a turn. Alchimy then gave Danforth a touch of luck as he grappled
a sinspwan. The second sinspawn also attacked Derma landing on top of her in
the well and attempting to hold her under the water! I dove between them to
distract the beast as Lunk attacked it from the other side! Just then the She
Demon disappeared and re appeared across the room!
Attacking Danforth in his aspiration form the She demon was filled with terror
and cowered in the corner as Fraum beat her with his club.
While this was happening Derma managed to find her footing and leapt from the
well, tripped but somehow pulled off an amazing landing (I was seriously
impressed with her athletic prowess at this moment!)
Derma then did maybe her first smart thing, she watched Alchimy empty a bottle
of holy water into the well as soon as she got out of it and noticed it was boiling,
so she too emptied a bottle of holy water into the well and then knocked the
sinspawn into the pool burning it in the process.
Lunk took this opportunity to poison his Urgrosh with the Dire Boar husk and
cut a sinspawn while trying to pin it in place through the foot but missed and
struck the stone floor instead. The She demon managed to get up and put
Danforth to sleep with a spell, but he was saved by Alchimy again who once more
gave him a touch of luck giving him an opportunity to grapple her however she
managed to become invisible once more and escape!
Exhausted from the many battles that had taken place during this long long long
long (very long) day. We decided to rest in the Cathedral for a few hours so we
were ready for what else these secret tunnels had in store for us!

Synopsis Session #3
Journal of Brother Maynard

The morning came, and we discovered a note apparently from Amako’s brother
Suto, he was living in Magnama now but apparently he had snuck into town and
was waiting to meet with Amako at their family’s Glassworks factory on the edge
of town.
Alchimy has returned from his study and healed me fully (once more I find
myself indebted to a member of this group, we have become friends).
Belor Hemloch arrived and requested assistance from Iarielle to help the local
lock smith in fixing up all of the town gates and locks to make more goblins cant
break in, she agreed and the rest of us left for the Glassworks.
(The Glassworks)
We travelled to the Glassworks. The main gate was locked so Derma smashed the
lock open, pointless however as the fence was easily climbable. To cover the fact
that we had just broken in Derma used her own Masterwork Lock on the gate
after we entered. It was a weekend and yet 3 massive chimneys were billowing
smoke, so clearly somebody was there! We entered the main building, where we
discovered a goblin presence. Following a blood trail down a hallway Lunk heard
Goblin voices and attempted to talk to them, with a severed Goblin head as an ill
fitting helmet… Some times I wonder for his sanity!
The Goblin was not fooled and ran from the corridor Fraum, Ruff and I gave
chase and followed it down some stairs, I tripped and rolled my ankle, it wasn’t
too bad however. Fraum was in a Wolf form and made it down the stairs quite
easily, as did Ruff, who rushed forward and grabbed the Goblin by the throat.
A voice came from around the corner threatening us, and an arrow was loosed
missing Ruff by a centimeter. Fraum took his human form once more and
instructed his dog to “drop” the Goblin. As it does so the owner of the voice
appeared, it looks to be Tsuto, the half brother of Amako. Enraged at the threat
Fraum cast a flaming sphere in the torso of the Goblin, popping its head off like a
Champaign cork!
Tsuto charged at me attempting to grapple me but I managed to side step his
attack! He is trained in Martial arts, and wears the garb of a Monk!
I ask if he is indeed Tsuto but he does not respond, instead he tried to attack me
again. He critically failed while going for another grapple I managed to trip him.
Using his momentum, I send him sprawling into the flaming sphere where he
was badly burnt and fell to the ground. Defeated, for now.
It was at this point that we heard the muffled cries from a room to the side where
we came across a bound and beaten Amako as well as a tunnel at the end of the

corridor that was sealed. Our companions joined us in the basement where
Alchimy healed Amako and myself. Fraum bound Tsuto with some masterwork
shackles that Derma provided and we headed up stairs to find the rest of the
We came to the main smelting room and when we opened the door we saw 7
Goblins and a man in a chair… Aaron, the child who’s father was attacked the
previous night suddenly appeared and rushed past us all yelling ‘Die Goblins’ as
he charged the Goblins, luckily Derma managed to Trip the child, but he was sent
sliding forward into the room as 2 Goblins closed in to attack!
I had one thought, save the child! My path was clear, I knew what I had to do!
I sprang into action, rushing forward and vaulting over Derma to then collect the
child in one arm as a ran around in an arc to get Aaron to safety. Surly he would
have been killed if not for my quick action! While I was saving the boy my
companions took care of the Goblins.
Once the Goblins were all dead Fraum, Alchimy and Shiva took Aaron into the
Corridor to wait with Amako while the rest of us searched the room. What we
discovered was a gruesome scene to say the least!
The man in the chair was Lonjiku Kaijitsu, he had been tortured by his son Tsuto.
He hadn’t tied his father to the chair… he had used melted glass, poured directly
onto his hands and feet to bind him in place! His head and chest also gleamed
with the now hardened glass, and a look of utter agony frozen on his face! I can
only imagine the pain he must have gone through, and yet I feel nothing for this
man! He is the reason Brother Thelonius is dead! I still need answers, Tsuto must
be questioned.
Alchimy cast a spell that would ensure anything Tsuto said was truthful, now we
just needed him to talk. Luck for us Derma literally intimidated the shit out of
him! I’m not joking, the man shit himself! It was not pleasant…
I will be the first to admit, Tsuto played me! During his confessions he taunted
me with the information that Thelonius was not a random victim, but in fact the
target of the attack on the square the other day, and that he along with Lonjiku
were in business smuggling goods together. Thelonius was killed because he
knew of the scret tunnels under the glassworks. I know not where they lead but I
feel we must search the rest of the glassworks before we move onto the tunnel!
While I was lost in thought Tsuto nearly escaped! I swear I will break his legs if I
have to! He seems to have sent Derma into a rage with a comment about her clan,
she attempted to snap his neck but he vaulted her and ran, I missed him but
Danforth took his other form once more and grappled him. To ensure he
wouldn’t escape again I broke his spine in 3 places paralyzing him.
In this state he answered our final questions about Derma’s Ork clan, they are on
the move and are not far from Sandpoint, this does not bode well!
He made one last snide comment to Danforth and was pulled forth by his arm
and impaled on the spines protruding from his torso. I searched his body and
came across a diary and then Danforth tossed him into the furnace (along with
Dermas shackles… oops, she was not happy)

Tsutos Diary had some disturbing news inside, it alluded to a secret passage
inside the glassworks, the one we discovered earlier. But that it was being used
to smuggle more than just goods, it was being used by Nualia, the daughter of
Father Tobin, who was thought to have died in the abby fire 5 years ago.
Apparently she was alive, in a demon form! There is evil at work here and I will
not stand for it, it must be eliminated!
We searched the main office, where we came across some paperwork with
Brother Thelonius’s handwriting as well as a schedule that doesn’t add up to the
timing of our arrival to Sandpoint. In a fit of rage I flipped the table, apologizing
to my companions I searched the room and came across a hidden door in the
wall, with a small keyhole behind a painting. We left the room and continued our
search and in doing so discovered a second entrance to this secret room. Inside
we found an Alchemy lab, filled with mysterious items and several bottles of
wine, Thelonius’s wine! I took some of the bottles and we headed down stairs to
search the second room in the basement. The room was full of Gems, of different
sizes and cuts, Lunk went into a rage and started smashing them! He explained
that he had suspected Lonjiku of flooding the market with counterfeit Gems
nearly bankrupting his fathers business, his story makes more sense now.
On the wall of this room we noticed what turned out to be a recipe on how to
make the fake gems, a key ingredient appears to be the wine from brother
Thelonius! This news is very troubling!
Moving into the tunnel we heard a voice, spoken in Alko, Danforth was the only
one who understood it and gave a response, however an angry yell cried out and
the sound of a bell, clearly signaling our presence resonated down the corridor.
Rounding the bend we are greeted by a towering creature that Danforth referred
to as a ‘Sinspawn’. Derma and Lunk both took a defensive stance with spears
outstretched ahead of our group as it rushed towards us, I hurried forward and
managed to sweep its leg out from under it as Lunk stabbed at it, killing it
instantly. Perhaps these creatures are not so hard after all?
We moved forward and were in a large chamber with a statue of ‘Alaznist’ (the
Rune Lord of Wrath) Shiva was able to educate us on the statue and its history
(for what seemed like several hours, surly allowing whoever had heard the bell
ample time to set us a trap!) We entered a room off the side of the chamber and
found ourselves inside a prison, on top of the gang-walk we could see cells, and
open doors! I walked forward and was immediately attacked by another 3 of
these Sinspawn. I managed to dodge all of the attacks and one of their weapons
got stuck in the walkway. Fraum used his spider climb ability cast entangle on
them from above and managed to ensnare 2 of the creatures while the third lept
onto a support beam, I took the opportunity to swing under and punch at it
attempting to make it fall onto the vines below but missed and was instead
kicked by the beast and sent flying into the air and down to the ground below,
correcting myself as I fell I managed to land on my feet ready for the next round!
Derma was the next to leap into action, literally! She leapt, spear still in hand, off
the gang-walk and with a mighty thrust she skewered the sinspawn through the
chest, riding it down to the ground below, killing it in the process!
Lunk and Alchimy summoned a large centipede and a giant ant directly above one of the sinspawn, where they attached it, hurt and confused it thrashed about
in the vines. Lunks new pet badger (that he found in the tunnels earlier) also
joined the battle. Next Ruff bit down hard on the entangled arm of a sinspawn
ripping off its arm in the process. I punched it in the arse but it broke free and bit
Ruff in return, who whimpered and ran to the stairs.
The sinspawn that was getting attacked by the other animals broke free and ran
towards Derma trying to attack her, but mealy glancing off her shiny breastplate.
Derma dodged the attack and rushed at the Sinspawn that had attacked Ruff with
her Flail drawn and swinging as she charged, while it was distracted she forced
the end into what was assumed to be the demons asshole… needless to say it
died horribly! The final sinspawn was grappled by Danforth and dispatched
During the skirmish, Lunks Badger was poisoned by the ant and passed out. But
honey badger don’t give a shit! It was healed and regained consciousness.

Synopsis Session #2

After defeating the two skeletons in the crypt, the adventurers made their way back to the Rusty Dragon for a hearty congratulatory meal. They were served by the halfling waitress Bethana Corwin, who was eager to impress Aldern Foxglove in the hopes becoming a servant of his. After the group put in a good word for her, Aldern considered Bethana for employment.

The peaceful meal was disturbed by the sudden arrival of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and his security detail. Lonjiku demanded that his daughter, Ameiko, relocate with him to Magnimar, the big city to the south. Ameiko refused and tension ran high. Luckily, quick thinking by Maynard stopped the situation from becoming violent. Afterwards, Ameiko explained that her father disliked both her and her brother. Her because she forsook the noble life to run the inn. Her brother because he is a bastard half-elf, the offspring of their mother and an unknown elf. Her brother has been missing for several years after she and him had a falling out.

The next day, Aldern Foxglove wanted to take Bethana on a boar hunt on the northern forest as an audition for employment. The group agreed to come along to ensure it all went smoothly, but had to hide the killing part from their Druid.

Foxglove bought the group mounts from the stablemaster David Hosk. David was an avid goblin hunter and was super keen to meet the heroes of Sandpoint. He showed them his gruesome collection of goblin ears. Each party member chose their steed and the hunt begun!

A few miles out of the town, the road forked, with the goblin tracks from the other day leading in one direction, and the boar tracks leading in the other. Suddenly, from the goblin path, an Elven Ranger named Shalelu appeared, warning the group of an Orc tribe camped further up that path. Our Druid realised that Shalelu also possessed his gift for seeing creatures’ true names. Thus, he divulged his true name: Ka Fraum.

Not wanting to fight an orc tribe, the group went to find this boar. Once found, the group accidentally proceeded to kill it in the most excruciatingly slow way possible. It was kinda demoralising. But at least they had delicious boar to cook for dinner!

When they got back, Bethana cooked up the boar by herself as Ameiko was out. The group demanded that Foxglove procure them puppies in recompense for their stressful boar hunting. All was going well until a distressed citizen named Emily Barrett ran into the Rusty Dragon with her two children, 10 year-old Aeren and infant Verah. She explained that Aeren had been saying there was a goblin in his closet for the last couple of nights. Emily’s husband, Alergast, had checked his closet and concluded that he was just imagining things. That is, until tonight. Aeren started screaming and the couple awoke to see a goblin chewing on his arm. Upon discovery, the goblin ran into a hole at the back of the closet and Alergast gave chase. Terrified, Emily grabbed her children and ran to seek out the best goblin killers she could think of, the heroes of Sandpoint.

The heroes arrived at the Barret Household to find the door open and the only light to be from a candle in the children’s room. Upon inspection of the room, the group found the sliced-up corpse of the family dog, killed by the goblin. More alarmingly, Alergast was slumped with his head in the hole in the closet. Durma, Lunk and Maynard went to remove Alergast, but were attacked by the goblin. The battle was quick and decisive, with the goblin crushed by a single blow. Alergast was in a critical condition, however, and the group rushed him to Hannah’s medical ward.

The ward was closed, and Hannah had taken too strong a sleeping potion to be woken. Luckily, Iarielle used to cunning rogue skills to unlock the infirmary and wake Hannah. Alergast was healed, albeit disfigured, and Emily was grateful to the heroes. Poor young Aeren had his shock treated withh puppies and has been inspired by the efforts of the heroes.

Finally the heroes deserved a good night’s sleep. It was only a brief solace, however. The next morning the group woke to find that Ameiko had still not returned. Bethana went to her room and discovered a note to Ameiko from her half-elf half brother, Tsuto. The note instructed her come to the Kaijitsu Sandpoint Glassworks, where she clearly has not returned from.

Now, the heroes are gearing up to investigate the Glassworks and find Ameiko.
Synopsis Session #1

Our heroes were enjoying the Swallowtail festival when their enjoyment was halted by a goblin raid. Father Zantus helped by providing healing to those in need. During the battle, our Druid befriended a wounded dog who has now become his companion. After fighting off the goblins, the group was thanked by Aldern Foxglove, who offered to pay for their accommodation at The Rusty Dragon.

At The Rusty Dragon, the group met Ameiko Kaijitsu, the hardy owner of the inn. Here, the group decided to name the Druid. His new name is Ruff.

The next day, the sheriff Belor Hemlock instructed the group to meet him at the cathedral at midday. In the mean time, Brother Maynard and Danforth went to The Hagfish and took up Jaggie’s challenge of drinking hagfish water. Ruff discovered tracks of goblins and a human. Lunk learned more about the Kaijitsu family.

At the cathedral, Zantus told the group that the tomb of the fathers had been desecrated. The bumbling gravekeeper, Naffer Vost, recognised Danforth and was possessed by an unseen force. After being subdued, Zantus gave Alchemi a holy relic of Desna, a butterfly wand. The heroes fought of the skeletons and their magic robe. They then discovered that the former religious leader of Sandpoint Ezakien Tobyn’s body was missing from his sarcophagus.

It seems the goblin raid was all a diversion… But why?

Liam's Role-Playing Rules
Every player must read these! I'll know if you haven't T_T

1. GM’s ruling is final! You can point things out in the rulebook and I may consider it, but ultimately I get to choose whether or not an action is permissible.

2. Rules of improvisation work wonders! You theatre folks should know this one: no blocking! Try to find a way to go along with what other players (or the GM) are pushing for. In turn, I promise I will try to say “yes” to as many of your choices as possible.

3. For the GM’s sake, please have your characters try and stick together. I know you all have individual goals, but try and give your character a reason to stick with the current quest/story. For instance, maybe your evil and the idea of saving the princess doesn’t appeal to you. But maybe the reward does? Or maybe you want to get on their good side so it’s easier to steal from them? Be inventive with your motivations, just please make them in service of the main objective.

4. Proper role-playing will be rewarded with EXP. There will be heaps of opportunities to role-play but to start, think of a voice to use when you are speaking in character. I doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just enough to know when you are talking as your character. Also, once you know the other players’ characters’ names, I expect you to use them close to 100% of the time. I am very strict about this one.

Getting ready for first session :D
Welcome to Varisia

Our first session will be the Sunday of Queen’s birthday holiday.
By then, hopefully I will have all of your character sheets. If you haven’t done that yet, talk to Matt and me about coming over beforehand to organise it.

If you have dice, plz bring them! We will have some spare but I is always nice to have your own. They go for about $12 at Mindgames and other nerd shops. Heaps of cool designs as well!

The address is 2 Long Drive and we’ll be starting at 6pm.

This is gonna be great!

Our Character Roster so far

Just to give us an idea of what classes and races people have chosen so far and what things people still need to decide. Some of you are dropping by our house sometime over the next week so we can get this done there. Remember that there is a link to the Player’s Handbook in the wiki section to help you decide. PM me, Matt, or Ryan if you need help.

Race: Human
Class: Avowed

Race: Half-Orc
Class: Fighter

Race: Dwarf
Class: Ranger

Race: Human
Class: Druid

Race: ?
Class: Monk

Race: Half-Elf
Class: Cleric

Race: Elf
Class: Rogue

Race: Elf
Class: Wizard


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